New Forensic Science Exhibit at WonderWorks

Calling all families with young kids: if you’re bringing your family to the Smokies, be sure to stop by WonderWorks for a day of mind-boggling fun and unique “edu-tainment.” That’s right—your kids will be able to learn and have fun all at the same time! A place where kids and adults are constantly learning new things, WonderWorks is showcasing something brand new – the Forensic Science exhibit!

Launching the Forensic Science Exhibit
If your kids are into crime-solving or interested in CSI, have them test their skills at this brand-new attraction. They’ll be able to experience the real work of a forensic scientist, examining fingerprints, 3D facial reconstructions, and facial recognition equipment. This exhibit will have them buzzing with excitement and fill your Smoky Mountain family vacation with fun memories you will share for a lifetime!

More fun at WonderWorks
WonderWorks is a one-of-a-kind attraction located at 100 Music Road in Pigeon Forge, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it because the whole building is upside down! But that’s just the beginning of the fascinating things you will see and experience when you step inside.
WonderWorks is full of interesting and interactive exhibits that will keep your kids guessing and smiling and just having a great time! The exciting exhibits at WonderWorks include:

Natural Disasters—In this high-octane exhibit, your kids can become a human lightning rod as they place their hands through a mesh, steel armor glove and watch the Tesla Coil emit 100,000 volts of electricity to their fingers! They can also visit the Earthquake Café, where they can relive the 5.3 magnitude earthquake that collapsed a freeway in San Francisco in 1989. And if they survive that, then they can try their hand at holding on tight in Hurricane Hole, experiencing winds of up to 71 miles per hour!

Physical Challenge Zone—If your kids are feeling adventurous, this exhibit offers them a chance to see what it feels like to lie down on a bed of 3,500 nails! They can also create 3D images of themselves at the Wonder Wall, made of 40,000 plastic pens. And the Bubble Lab, also found in this zone, is a perfect exhibit for the younger members of your family; they can create bubbles the size of basketballs for smiles you will never forget!

Light and Sound Zone—Are your kids into music? Or art? This zone is a great place for them to learn some fascinating facts and try to complete some fun-filled challenges involving both. For instance, the Speed of Light exhibit gives your kids a chance to test their reflexes and try to beat the clock by pressing the buttons as they light up. And the giant piano (yes, like the one in Big!), gives them the unique opportunity to make beautiful music using only their feet!

Space Discovery—How many times will your kids have the opportunity to explore a life-size replica of the space suits worn by our astronauts when they step into outer space? At the Space Discovery exhibit, you can do this and more—including experience what it’s like to lie down inside the Mercury Capsule (the one-man vehicle designed to put a human in orbit around the Earth) and even complete an astronaut training course!

Imagination Lab—Get those creative juices flowing at the Imagination Lab, where kids can play with the biggest version of Lite-Brite you’ve ever seen! They can also test their problem-solving skills and have a great time doing it at the Alien Stomper and Gear Works. And for the younger ones, Fun Express is a great place to pain, play games, and even practice some simple math skills (shh—don’t tell them!).

Far Out Art Gallery—This is the craziest art you’ve ever seen because you will soon discover that all the portraits in this exhibit are far more than what originally meets the eye! These portraits are illusions with multiple layers of pictures beneath. You and your family will also have the chance to solve riddles and play brain games together at this interesting gallery.