10 Rainy Day Activities for the Cabin


If you’re coming to the Pigeon Forge area in the spring or summer, you might encounter some rainy days. April and May will see the most amount of rain, with an average rainfall of more than four inches for each month. But even in the summer months (June through August), it’s common to have some afternoon showers and thunderstorms. So it’s best to be prepared.

The good news is, when you rent a property from Pigeon Forge Cabins, rainy days will be something you’ll look forward to, not dread. Our cabins features tons of great amenities and comfortable interiors, keeping you entertained and relaxed during your stay. There is so much to do and see inside our cabins, you’ll want at least one full day to explore and enjoy it all! And to prove it, we’ve come up with 10 fun things you can do the next time you’re stuck indoors.

  1. Play cards or a board game. All of our cabins come with comfortable living spaces complete with couches and tables—perfect for game day with the family. So be sure to pack your favorite board games and/or a deck of cards in your suitcase!
  2. Watch a movie. A really cool feature of many of our Pigeon Forge cabins is having its very own home theater, where you can enjoy the movie of your choice from the comfort of your cabin. With gigantic screens and theater-style seating, watching a movie with the family has never been more fun!
  3. Enjoy a hot drink on the covered porch. Most of our cabins have gorgeous porches, where you can enjoy your morning cup of Joe or hot tea. And if that’s something you know you’ll enjoy, be sure to search for a cabin with a covered porch so you can still relish those quiet Smoky Mountain moments even on rainy days.
  4. Read a book by the fireplace. Another option you’ll want to make sure comes with your cabin is a fireplace. We have cabins with gas-burning fireplaces as well as wood-burning fireplaces. Ask our reservation specialists to help you find the cabin that best meets your needs.
  5. Bake cookies. A favorite rainy day activity with kids, making cookies is a great way to make special memories and enjoy a delicious treat! If cookies aren’t your thing, make brownies or muffins or a new recipe you haven’t had time to try yet. Cooking is easy in our cabins, where you’ll have all the equipment and space you’ll need.
  6. Take advantage of your cabin’s amenities. Do your research before you come to Pigeon Forge, and pick out a cabin with just the right amenities for your stay. We have cabins with pools, cabins with game tables, and so much more! And a rainy day is a perfect day to enjoy all the fun things your cabin has in store.
  7. Take a nap. The kids might groan at this, but taking a nap might be exactly what everyone needs after long days of fun in downtown Pigeon Forge, at Dollywood, or hiking the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Take advantage of your downtime and relax so you’ll be ready for the next adventure.
  8. Research your next Smoky Mountain adventure. For your convenience while you’re away, most of our cabins come with high-speed Internet access, so you can use your rainy days to research the next place your family would like to go or the next attraction your family would like to see. (And our blog is a great resource for that as well!)
  9. Have a dance party. Yes, really! Play some music on the CD or MP3 player that comes with your cabin, move the furniture to the side, and have a blast just being together. Sometimes the best memories are made with the least amount of planning!
  10. Swap favorite memories of your trip so far. Enjoy the comfy couches or the covered porch or the plush rec room in your cabin, and swap memories of all the adventures you’ve had so far. This is a great way to reconnect after days of fun in Pigeon Forge.