Rainforest Adventure Zoo

You know that the Smoky Mountains are home to bears, racoons, deer and other mountain wildlife…but did you know they the area is also home to rainforest animals? Located in Sevierville, Tennessee close to the Tanger Outlet Mall sits the Rainforest Adventure Zoo. With more than 600 rainforest animals, this gem of a zoo is home to unique and beautiful rainforest residents that you can’t find anywhere else this side of the Smokies!

The Rainforest Adventure Zoo is open all year-round and is renowned for it’s beautiful exhibits. The zoo has been themed by some of America’s finest zoological contractors, who took extra care to ensure that this zoo houses healthy and happy animals. The animals are well cared for, and it shows! With interactive exhibits and perky, active animals, this zoo is unlike any other attraction in the area.

Rainforest Adventure Zoo houses every type of animal you could think of – from reptiles to mammals, amphibians to birds and everything in between. The zoo focuses on education and conservation, with staff and exhibits inspiring children and adults alike to learn and understand about the world of nature around them. The zoo promotes the support of worldwide conservation programs and has received most of their animals on “loan” for the purpose of education!

The creatures here are beautiful and exotic, including everything from a kinkajou to tree frogs! The furry animals and insects alike will delight your little ones. The lemurs may be your favorite part of the whole zoo – their “monkeying around” will leave you in a fit of giggles! The zoo recently added a pair of Cotton Top Tamarins, some of the smallest and rarest monkeys on earth. Come say hello and greet the new arrivals on your next visit to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

The Rainforest Adventure Zoo is perfect for group gatherings and school trips, and can even help with the catering aspect of your visit! Enjoy your own private animal show during your next family reunion or other special occasion. Everyone will love the porcupines, kangaroos and cockatoos – it will certainly make your Pigeon Forge trip one to remember!

The Rainforest Adventure Zoo is a bargain among other Pigeon Forge attractions, with reasonably priced tickets for kids and adults alike. Adult tickets are $11.99, senior tickets are $9.99, and youth tickets are only $6.99. Children three and under are free, while group discounts are available for groups of 10 or more!

The Rainforest Adventure Zoo is located near the NASCAR Cafe at 1430 Hurley Drive, Sevierville, Tennessee. You may purchase tickets online at https://www.rfadventures.com/ or at the location. Give them a call at 865.428.4091 or browse their website for more information today!

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  1. I want to take time to thank each and every one of the staff at the rainforest zoo for such an awesome visit we had this past week. a special thanks to ty for the tour he gave us. the GBS families love The Rainforest Zoo…

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