Skydiving in Pigeon Forge! FlyAway Indoors

Pigeon Forge cabin guests constantly ask us what there is to do in Pigeon Forge. We try to be as helpful as possible but sometimes cabin guests want to know what a particular Pigeon Forge attraction is like. We can’t really answer that question unless we’ve been to it, as was the case when people asked us about the Pigeon Forge skydiving attraction. However, that changed when we contacted the owner of  the FlyAway skydiving experience in Pigeon Forge. We asked him if we could write a blog about his organization and he kindly accepted and invited us over for a ride so we could experience skydiving the Pigeon Forge way.

We got a little lost on our way to the Pigeon Forge skydiving experience, but it’s actually not that hard to find if  you know where to look. The skydiving “dome” as we like to call it is right off of traffic light #5 in Pigeon Forge. When we arrived we were greeted by three staff members that all looked like they were the adventurous type.  We packed all of our belongings into a locker and were directed to the skydiving classroom. Our teacher taught us the basic signals that we would need to communicate with him during our Pigeon Forge skydiving experience. He also taught us how to fly. We were told to bend our knees, extend our arms, and above all RELAX.

The skydiving gear is quite extravagant. Each skydiver gets a helmet, earplugs, and a full body suit to wear in the “dome”.

When we entered the dome we were quite nervous. We went through drills on how to properly exit the wind blowing area onto the waiting deck. Once we were done, they turned on the fan.  Talk about nervous! New experiences are always a little bit challenging but this one had our hearts racing. We wondered if we would be good? Would we be able to fly? Would any of us be the one person that couldn’t quite get it?  Actually, our team members are all pretty athletic, but it really doesn’t take a lot to be able to skydive. The Pigeon Forge FlyAway skydiving instructors are very helpful. They stand by you and hang on the whole time so there isn’t a lot of risk involved. If you’re not good, they make you good. They take all of the work out of it. Luckily, our team did very well. We hope that our instructor didn’t have to do a whole lot of work to keep us flying. If he did, he didn’t tell us. He was extremely helpful and had a great attitude about helping us take our first flights.

Here’s their information just in case you would like to fly:
FlyAway indoor skydiving

The Pigeon Forge skydiving FlyAway experience is actually set up so that people can watch your first skydiving flight. So, we brought a video camera with us to capture the fun. We’ve included it at the beginning of this post for your enjoyment!


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