Cirque De Chine – Amazing Acrobatics Near Pigeon Forge


The Cirque De Chine theatre performance near Pigeon Forge is a great display of acrobatic strength and amazing talent. The combination of daring acts and graceful elegance are part of why the show is such a success among Pigeon Forge area visitors.

The Cirque De Chine near Pigeon Forge area is a show packed with unbelievable feats. Performers hail from China and display breathtaking performances on the Cirque de Chine stage. Their ages range as do their athletic ability however they are all extremely talented. The award winning performers flip, toss, lift, and jump their way through hoops, up human walls, and along stacks.

There are several noteworthy performances at the Cirque de Chine near Pigeon Forge. One female performer stacks chairs upon chairs upon chairs to display her amazing talent of balancing on top of them. Another balances objects using her feet. She runs on them, tosses them, and twists them. Some of the male performers show off their athletic ability by participating in a flip challenge. They flip through hoops and over hoops until you don’t think that they could possibly go higher. Then, one of their seasoned performers shows just how high a human can really flip. More of the male performers show their agility with more flipping. Only this time they flip each other. One holds another’s feet and tosses him in the air only to catch him again after he flips. Still, the human wall is a classic display that the Cirque de Chine does well. It’s always amazing to see people build a wall with nothing but athletic ability and sheer courage holding it up.

The Cirque de Chine near Pigeon Forge also features two standout acts that are great. The first is a motorcycle show. Five motorcycles enter a steel cage ball and go round and round demonstrating the keen eyes and precise driving of the operators of the vehicles. The second performance involves two pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling. The performers wrap themselves in the fabric and go soaring above the crowd in a beautiful depiction of a lovers tale.

The Cirque de Chine is a unique experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Feel free to give us a call if you are planning to come to Pigeon Forge. Our cabins are the perfect solution for your family visit!

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