A Guy Fell Off of his Alpine Slide in Ober Gatlinburg Near Pigeon Forge


Being in Pigeon Forge is different for Pigeon Forge TN Cabins staff members than it is for Pigeon Forge cabin visitors. Pigeon Forge is the place that we live and work. We do get to enjoy some of the attractions in Pigeon forge on occasion, but I’ve not yet tried everything that there is to do out here. I just haven’t had the time. We stay pretty busy.

This weekend I finally had a chance to go up to Ober Gatlinburg. I had been to Ober Gatlinburg during the winter but didn’t know quite what to expect for this spur of the moment summer time visit. My favorite part of my husband and I’s visit to Ober Gatlinburg was my ride on the Alpine Slides.

The Alpine Slides at Ober Gatlinburg are quite the experience! We took a chair lift up to the spot where the Alpine slides start off. Once we unloaded we were presented with the sled-like contraptions that would roll us down the Ober Gatlinburg alpine slide tracks. We each picked a sled and brought it to the loading area. We sat in our sleds as we waited in line for our turn. We were instructed on how to operate our sleds. The sleds have a lever in front that allow the driver to propel the sled forward by pushing the lever forward or to slow it down by pulling the lever back.

While we were waiting in line one of the Ober Galtinburg Alpine slide staff members got a radio message. Someone had crashed. He had completely come off of his sled! It didn’t seem like the incident was cause for severe concern but I was wondering how bad it was.

When it was finally our turn I was so excited. I planned on pressing the “gas” full force all the way down the track. I wanted to beat my husband down the Alpine slide. I was in for a big surprise. As soon as we took the first curve I realized I would have to let up on the gas after each turn. If I didn’t my sled would surely come off of the track and I would crash. Because I didn’t press the “gas” the whole time, my husband beat me down the Alpine slide tracks. My theory is that he had more weight to propel him down the mountain but I’m sure he would say that it was pure skill that caused him to win our race down the Alpine slides in Ober Galtinburg.

When we reached the bottom we learned of the fate of the guy that crashed on the slides before we went down. He was okay, but his arm was scratched up pretty bad. Apparently he had taken a curve and just as I predicted would happen to me, crashed. He was fine but I was impressed at just how dangerous the Alpine slide tracks can be. I was impressed, and delighted. It made it that much more fun to ride the slides. Needless to say, we took several trips down. I love adventure!

-Pigeon Forge TN Cabins Staff Member

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