Endangered Animals and Plants in the Smoky Mountains


The Smoky Mountains cabins are a fun place to visit with family and friends. The mountains provide a beautiful backdrop that is perfect for taking in the outdoors and the beauty of nature. Many Pigeon Forge visitors come to Pigeon Forge during the fall to take in the beautiful colors of the Smoky Mountains. While the leaves have already started falling, people are still hiking in the Smoky Mountains.

We put together a list of animals in the Smokies and decided to follow it up with a list of threatened and endangered species in the Smoky Mountains. We pulled the items on the list from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park website. The list includes plants and animals.

Animals in the Smoky Mountains
• Indiana bat
• Carolina northern flying squirrel
• Red-cockaded Woodpecker
• Spotfin chub
• Duskytail darter
• Smoky madtom
• Yellowfin madtom
• Spruce-fir moss spider

Plants in the Smoky Mountains
• Spreading avens
• Virginia spiraea
• Rock gnome lichen

Red and Gray wolves and cougars have already been extinct in the area but still exist elsewhere.

There are so many plants and animals in the Smoky Mountains. Flowering plants in the Smokies reach a total of over 1,600 species. The Smoky Mountains also feature 100 native tree species and 100 native shrub species. The park also includes non-flowering 450 bryophytes.

Hikers can enjoy catching all of the beauty of the Smoky Mountains national during spring, summer, and fall. Some brave the Smoky Mountains hiking trails during the winter but we don’t suggest it for beginner hikers.