Snowed In – Pigeon Forge TN

Did you know that the month of February is Pigeon Forge’s most common month for snowfall? February, while usually a bit cold and icy, also brings Pigeon Forge an occasional dusting of snow, blanketing the town with picturesque, pure white snowfall. But what are you to do with all of this snow on your Pigeon Forge vacation?

Never fear! Pigeon Forge TN Cabins is here to help you pass the time if you get snowed in during your cabin stay. With a stocked supply of groceries, a hot tub, games and more, getting snowed in with your family in Pigeon Forge can make for some of the best vacation memories of your lifetime. Check out this blog for eight things do to if you get snowed-in in your Pigeon Forge cabin rental!

#1: Go Play Outside!
It’s a winter wonderland, so go play in it! Have a snowball fight, build snow forts, make a snow angel, or put together a snowman. Whether you’re used to serious snowfall or only see it once every few years, getting outside to play in the snow will make you feel like a kid again. It’s your very own snow day, so go for it!

#2: Bake and cook.
Baking and cooking are great ways to pass the time, especially when you invite your family into the kitchen with you. Get all the helping hands you can, compile a menu, and get to work on putting together some tasty treats. Make it an all dessert affair (cookies, brownies and pies) or work something in for dinner, such as pasta or homemade bread.

#3: Break out the movies.
It’s not often that you get to kick back and do nothing, so enjoy your snow day by kicking back and starting your very own movie marathon. Rent a movie from the nearby Redbox or browse the local channels for a family-friendly flick.

#4: Start a fire.
Nothing says “cozy” like a warm, crackling fire, so bring in the firewood and make your own fire. Bring marshmallows for s’mores and enjoy warming up your cold toes after playing in the snow.

#5: Play a game.
A lot of our Pigeon Forge cabins come with board games, pool tables, arcade setups and more. Get to playing on one of these, or make your own game with the kids (hide a small item in a room and see how long it takes them to find it!) You’re never too old for hide and seek!

#6: Take a nap!
Nap times are often wasted on the young, so enjoy your snow day by curling up in your comfortable bed and taking a nice long nap. Drink some hot chocolate before you hit the sheets – the warm beverage will actually help you sleep better!

#7: Write a letter.
To your old friend, high school teacher, or college roommate. Receiving a hand-written, heartfelt letter is more sentimental now than ever in the age of e-mails and text messages. A sweet, personal letter will benefit both of you.

#8: Read a book.
You know those books you always bring along on vacation but never actually read? About those…now is your time to actually read them! Crack open the pages and read in front of the fireplace or overlooking your snowy mountain view.

#9: Take a soak in the hot tub.
Ahhhh…nothing is more relaxing than climbing into a bubbling hot tub while the snow surrounds you! Climb in and enjoy a soak under the stars while staying nice and toasty warm. Almost all of our Pigeon Forge cabins come with hot tubs, so take advantage of these amenities when you’re snowed in on your Pigeon Forge vacation!