Spring Rod Run in Pigeon Forge – Cars Galore


It’s that time of year again! Pack up your bags, book a Pigeon Forge cabin, and get ready for a fun time. The Spring Rod Run in Pigeon Forge is happening on April 15-17, 2011. Be prepared to have lots of fun viewing vintage cars from all over the world and many different years. From Model T’s to Corvettes to Studebakers to Fords to Gold Wings, you’ll see lots of cars at the Spring Rod Run in Pigeon Forge.

On April 15 lots of vintage cars will arrive to the city of Pigeon Forge. From traffic light #3 and on Pigeon Forge visitors will see cars lining the Parkway in downtown for the Spring Rod Run. Cars can be viewed by visitors while driving down the Parkway and visitors can also park at different area businesses and walk the strip to see all the goods. There will be literally thousands of cars on display during the Spring Rod Run in Pigeon Forge. Some will have hoods popped, others will have the doors open so visitors can sit in the car. Pigeon Forge visitors should make a plan to stay for the whole weekend and do a lot of walking because there will be cars parked on both sides of the parkway and there’s plenty to see.

Some of the hot rods on display during the Spring Rod Run in Pigeon Forge are actually for sale. Hot rod owners can be found sitting on lawn chairs next to their cars and a quote for a vehicle can easily be obtained by them. Many of the hot rods will have for sale signs and information in the window of the car.

The Spring Rod Run in Pigeon Forge is one of the largest car shows in the Southeast and visitors can expect to see a range of cars from fixer uppers to chromed up shiny restored models. Vendors will also be displaying their information and offering information on how they can help you work on and restore your hot rod.

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