Ten Family Friendly Tips for Visiting Pigeon Forge


Visiting Pigeon Forge is great for small families and large families alike! The hefty amount of Pigeon Forge attractions, shows, outdoor adventures, and restaurants make it a great place to spend a family vacation. There’s literally something for everyone in the family here in Pigeon Forge. We’ve put together some tips for families coming to Pigeon Forge. These tips are aimed at making it a little easier for you to plan your family trip to Pigeon Forge. They’ll help you spend less time planning and coordinating and more time on good clean quality time with the family.

1. Plan to drive your family to Pigeon Forge in the morning before 10am or at night after 7pm. – This will help you avoid some of the major traffic that hits Pigeon Forge. Another part of this tip is to travel with your family to Pigeon Forge on a day that isn’t the traditional weekend or holiday travel day. These days bring more traffic so if you can, come when it’s less packed. Keep this tip in mind for leaving town as well. Sunday afternoons are very hectic in Pigeon Forge so your family might enjoy a nice Sunday brunch and afternoon stroll instead of spending that same time stuck in 12:00 traffic that will keep you here till late afternoon anyways.

2. Stay in a Pigeon Forge cabin – Cabins provide lots of entertainment so you won’t feel obligated to spend every moment in downtown Pigeon Forge. In a cabin, mom and dad can enjoy the sunset from a steaming hot tub, while the kids are inside playing a foosball game, watching tv, or playing a board game. Not only is there entertainment in a cabin, there’s also a kitchen. Eating out for every meal can get expensive so instead you can plan on having breakfast or dinner at the cabin.

3. Take turns picking the activity – Let everyone choose something they want to do while vacationing. We suggest doing this before you come with the family to Pigeon Forge. If everyone gets to pick then the family is more likely to enjoy the vacation. Kids tend to pick fun things too so you and your spouse will have fun with the kids and get to feel young.

4. Pick things the whole family will enjoy– Pigeon Forge has attractions for the whole family. A comedy theatre show, a trip to Dollywood, a one hour shopping trip, a visit to Wonder Works, a trip to the Dinosaur museum, a lunch at the Pancake House, an arcade game family challenge, and a trip to the indoor water park are all activities that the whole family could enjoy. Let’s not forget that there are plenty of outdoor activities for the family like zip lining, horse back riding, tubing down the river, white water rafting, hummer tours, and atv rides. Talk about fun!

Good luck planning your family trip to Pigeon Forge! If you would like to book a cabin give our team a call. We would be glad to assist you in picking one that fits your needs. Our phone number is 1-866-513-7885

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