Avoid Pigeon Forge Traffic – Pigeon Forge Backroads, Tips, & Alternate Routes


The traffic on the way into Pigeon Forge can be daunting. There are many ways to avoid the Pigeon Forge traffic that shows up during major holidays, summer time, and Friday afternoons during the year. Some are more straight forward and some are a little more tricky. Whatever you do, it’s best to try and avoid the Pigeon Forge traffic if you can. We’ve heard horror stories of families who have waited hours just to move a few miles down the parkway. We don’t want you waiting in that so we’ve compiled a list of some of our most helpful hints on avoiding the Pigeon Forge traffic including some of the local secret Pigeon Forge backroads.


Pigeon Forge Traffic Tips:

1. Don’t come to town when everyone e

lse does. This is difficult, but there are times when Pigeon Forge is less busy than others. We don’t have nearly as much traffic during September as we do in July. So, if you can, try to book your Pigeon Forge vacation during a time when we’re not quite as packed.

2. Travel at odd hours. This may be hard to avoid, but hear us out. Traffic is worst in the afternoons and early evenings. If you can come to Pigeon Forge in the morning or late evening you’re more likely to avoid the hectic Pigeon Forge traffic.

2. Avoid weekend arrivals. Again, this is another one that is practically unavoidable. But, if you have the option, come to town on a less popular day and hour. Traffic in Pigeon Forge is at it’s worst during the weekends! If you can come in on Monday you’ll hit less traffic than if you come in on Friday.

3. Plan on walking. When you are in town, try to walk as much as possible. There’s lots to do on the Parkway and families can be tempted to take a car but that means facing the Pigeon Forge traffic. Instead, consider parking in a central location and walking to your destination. The perk about this option is you’ll burn off some of the calories from our home cooking.

Okay, so now that we’ve given you the tips for avoiding Pigeon Forge traffic we’re going to give you a great back road that can help knock some time off of your trip. There is a road in Pigeon Forge called Veterans Boulevard. This road connects the Parkway at traffic light #8 in Pigeon Forge, and Dolly Parton Parkway. That means that you skip 7 lights in Pigeon Forge and the Outlet Mall traffic in Sevierville when you take it. This is a great way to get to Pigeon Forge from Sevierville or to get out of Pigeon Forge without having to hit all of the traffic.

Pigeon Forge Alternate Routes:


From I-40 take Exit 443. Take Foothills Parkway to Highway 321 South which will take you into Gatlinburg. Take a right on the Parkway and follow to Pigeon Forge.


Take Exit 81 on I-75 North. Then follow Highway 321 through Townsend. Then take Highway 73 to Gatlinburg.Take the Parkway to Pigeon Forge.


From I-40 take I-75 South to Exit 81. Take Highway 321 Townsend. Next take Highway 73 to Gatlinburg. Turn right on the Parkway and follow to Pigeon Forge.


Take I-81 South to I -40 East to Exit 435. Then follow Hwy 321 South to Gatlinburg. Turn right on the Parkway and follow into Pigeon Forge.

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