Weather in the winter months of Pigeon Forge


The winter months are a very popular time to visit the Smoky Mountains. Most tourists visit the area to ski or just to enjoy the scenery of a magical winter wonderland. There are also tons of exciting things going on in the area during the winter months which brings thousands of tourist in each month. Winterfest is a huge festival that the two cities put on annually. Everywhere you turn the are hundreds of strands of lights gleaming in the night starting in November. The weather is a very hard thing to predict in any place, but it is extremely unpredictable in the mountains. If your concerned about driving in the mountains during the winter months be sure to check the weather forecast before heading out. The city salts the main roads through Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg during any winter precipitation. However, the city trucks are not able to get to some of the winding back roads. Icing during the winter months is a huge problem. If your coming to stay the weekend and have rented a cabin most rental companies highly suggest having a four-wheel drive vehicle. Some of the driveways and roads leading up to cabins are not paved and very steep so chains might be required. Something you might want to check on before renting a cabin would be trip insurance. Most travel insurance companies will cover weather conditions. The charge of trip insurance is just a small percentage of your reservation and will guarantee your money back. If you are planning to be in the area during the winter time; trip insurance is highly recommended.