Why Visit the Smoky Mountains this Spring?


Flower looking is a popular activity that brings people from all over the United States to Tennessee each spring. In the Smoky Mountain National Forest alone there are 1,500 different varieties of flowering plants. For this reason the park is often referred to as “Wildflower National Park”. To add to the splendor of the national park because of the large variety of flowers being 1,500 it is also the largest variety out of all of the other North American National Parks.

If you are looking into a particular month to plan your spring getaway, April is the month to go! The month of April is when all of the flowers are in their full bloom and this leads to the best flower looking experience. Check out Chestnut Top Trail for beautiful flower picking scenery!

If you are looking for some mountain fun that you or your family can participate in; the Smokies offer an abundance of outdoor activities. From bicycling, horseback riding, picnicking, and even waterfalls the Smoky Mountains encompass classic family fun with a traditional outdoor feel. Did I mention the beautiful mountain views?

With over 800 miles of trails, the Smoky Mountain National Park is always a good choice when you feel the need to be one with nature. Wondering what there is to do in the national park? You would be surprised at the amount of activities that are available to you for little or no money! You take your family on a camping trip; hike one of the many trails, mountain bike and even fish! That‘s right, fishing! With the warmer weather headed our way for the spring the outdoor activities are in full swing.

Are you in need of family photos? The spring foliage is the perfect backdrop for those yearly family photos. The beautiful flowers are blooming and it is time again to venture out into nature and take memorable photographs you will cherish for years to come. What could be better than spending time with your family in the spring splendor of the Smoky Mountains?

Do you like exploring? In the Gatlinburg area there are two different adventurous options for you! You can venture to Quilliams Cave which is a 4.4 mile distance or you can trek to Mount Leconte via Alums Cave which is a 5.5 mile trek. Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks for your excursion!
The activities above range from free to very inexpensive which leave you money to rent a beautiful cabin for your spring vacation to the smokies! Call 1-866-513-7885 to speak to one of our reservationists today to see about booking your cabin rental!