Don’t Blow It: Take Her Away for Wife Appreciation Day!


Watch out, guys! Wife Appreciation Day is just around the corner! Annually taking place on the third Sunday of September (falling on the 17th for 2017), this hallowed holiday was created for husbands to express their immense gratitude for the ones who are always by their side through thick and thin: their beloved wives. While many husbands will undoubtedly be taking their eager ladies out for a standard dinner-and-a-movie date, you could be taking your lovely wife on a picturesque romantic getaway she will never forget. From an exciting, fun-filled adventure to a relaxing time away from it all, the Smokies provides the perfect atmosphere to show the love of your life how much you truly appreciate her.

Give Her a Thrill
Why not start off the trip with a daring helicopter ride? Imagine the elated smile on your wife’s face as she excitedly looks out towards the rushing river waters, rolling forested hills, and possibly, mountain-dwelling wildlife. Scenic Helicopter Tours has been providing birds-eye views of the Smokies for the public since 1972, which has led to the creation of 12 captivating tours to choose from today (they even welcome special requests!). Starting at an affordable $25 per person, you’ll be able to share an extraordinary aerial experience with your companion that you’ll both certainly be smiling about for years to come.

Indulge Her
Take it up a notch with every woman’s favorite thing: shopping! There are more than enough places to shop till you drop in the Smokies. However, for something a little more quaint, The Village Shops hosts a whimsical collection of 27 unique boutiques, gift shops, and cafes (a sampling is below), all encompassed in beautiful architecture modeled after old-world European villages — as the name suggests. Picture walking hand in hand through a tucked-away traditional town in Europe, following brick-laid paths and passing by tailored gardens and charming balconies as the smell of freshly baked treats fills the air. That’s what you’ll get and more when exploring this European-style shopping village, not to mention it’s a whole lot cheaper than flying abroad!

    • The Lamplight Gallery
    • BGIE (Best Gift Idea Ever)
    • Candle Cottage
    • The Donut Friar
    • Spice and Tea Exchange
    • The Village Café & Creamery
    • Wine Is a Must!
      How about going on a free wine-tasting excursion? A perfect way to relax a bit in the Smokies, the Rocky Top Wine Trail consists of 6 locations, including 5 wineries and 1 distillery, where you can sample over 70 types of wine for free. You don’t even have to complete the journey in one day. Just pick up a passport when you begin and collect a stamp at each location any time throughout your trip. Want more than just free wine? Well, after you’ve collected 3 stamps, you’ll get a free gift, and even better, after you’ve wrapped up your wine crusade with all 6 stamps, you’ll receive another free gift! An overload of freebies can really go a long way on a vacation, right?

      Spoil Her with a Fancy Dinner
      An elegant meal presents the perfect time to demonstrate your gentlemanly charm. Kindly opening the car door, gently holding her hand, and politely pulling out her chair are all important gestures. However, you could make this evening even more special with a close-up riverside view while you dine at The Peddler Steakhouse. Built in 1958 along the Little Pigeon River — and at an entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, no less — this delightful restaurant can help create an intimate environment for you and your sweetheart. Make sure to call ahead one hour before they open (5:00 p.m. Sunday through Friday and 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays) to get the best seats by the river!

      Help Her Relax
      Show your wife you care by booking an in-cabin couples’ massage. A tranquil massage is just what the body needs after a full day of excitement — traveling, shopping, walking, wining, etc. Plus, the masseuses will come to you, so you won’t have to drive or find transportation back to your lodging afterwards. You and your dearest can simply roll into bed or plop down on a loveseat for a cozy night in together. Take it a step further and ready her favorite chick flick in your cabin’s private home theater to score major bonus points!

      Need More Ideas?

    • Go out for breakfast at Sawyer’s Farmhouse Restaurant.
    • Take a romantic carriage ride through Cades Cove.
    • Schedule a bouquet of wild flowers to await your wife at your cabin.
    • Test your communication skills in The Escape Game.
    • Have a blast together on awesome rollercoasters at Dollywood.
    • Break for lunch at The Wild Plum Tea Room.
    • See breathtaking views of Pigeon Forge atop The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel.
    • Stop at The Old Mill: Pottery House Café and Grille for a scrumptious supper.
    • Ask for a bed of roses to be readied in your cabin bedroom.