5 Things You Wouldn’t Expect to Find in Pigeon Forge


The city of Pigeon Forge brings to mind great food, dinner shows, laser tag, and outlet shopping. Here are a few things you may be surprised to find in Pigeon Forge.

Feuding lumberjacks
If you’re looking for some laughs and a show of great athletic ability, you have to check out the Lumberjack Feud in Pigeon Forge. World champion ESPN athletes will compete in some crazy chopping action in this 10 million dollar attraction. The interior of the building, complete with a cascading river, a sawmill pond, and two rival logging camps, was designed to resemble the landscape of the Great Smoky Mountains. There is even a special Christmas show during the holidays!

Chinese acrobats
Still a bit of a hidden gem in Pigeon Forge, Cirque de Chine is an amazing acrobatic show of skill, grace, and excitement. Hoop divers, motorcyclists, dancers and drummers are just a few of the acts you will see during this thrilling 2 hour show.

An earthquake and an astronaut
Anyone who has driven through Pigeon Forge has definitely seen the upside down Wonderworks building. Inside, there are over 100 interactive exhibits, including an inversion tunnel, the recreated disaster zone of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake which stopped the World Series, and a challenge zone with a rock wall. There is also a space zone, an arcade, and a bubble lab, so there is plenty to do for kids of all ages.

Hugh Hefner
In Pigeon Forge, the biggest celebrity you’ll probably meet on the street is likely the neighboring Gatlinburg’s, Zeno the Bear. But if you want to spend some quality time with some A-list celebrities, head over to the Hollywood Wax Museum. Here, you will meet stars like Tom Hanks, Lucille Ball and Owen Wilson.

A luxury ocean liner
The Titanic in Pigeon Forge is the world’s largest museum attraction. This attraction is a virtual gateway to 1912. Maids, officers and crew members will greet guests and lead them through this amazingly detailed museum. Actual possessions from those who sailed on the Titanic are also on display throughout the attraction.