Attractions in Pigeon Forge – The Tomb and MagiQuest


Are you on the search for an adventure on your Pigeon Forge vacation? Far apart from the go-karts, hiking trails and river floats sits MagiQuest and The Tomb, two great Pigeon Forge attractions that are fun for both kids and adults alike. These exciting expeditions are guaranteed to be a treat for your whole family and make for a great way to kick off your stay in your Pigeon Forge cabin rental.

Let’s begin our journey with The Tomb. This 45 minute attraction will take you and your group of archeologists deep in to a forgotten Egyptian tomb. Rumored to be the burial place of an ancient Pharaoh, you will need to combine your group’s brainpower to figure out how to escape the haunted tomb…before it’s too late!

Filled with challenges, your group will work together to solve puzzles and riddles if you have any hopes of escaping the Pharaoh’s ancient curse. This attraction may be a little scary for the little ones, as the lights go off and mummies seek you out! Each room presents a new puzzle, and the friendly tour guides will be there to help you if you get stumped. If you’re looking to explore, rather than sit and be entertained on your Pigeon Forge vacation, The Tomb is the attraction for you!

A “world within a world,” MagiQuest is a fun escape where you can spread your wizardy wings. As you enter the attraction, you will be given a magic and book of clues. The guides will point you in the right direction, then you will be on your way!

You get to choose how your journey will unfurl – a true adventure that the kids will love! Spend as much or as little time as you wish on each attraction, meet other guests and gain more skills as you move through the quest. You will want to try your hand at Pirate Golf – 18 blacklight holes where villagers will entertain you as your search for the hidden treasure!

Next up is the Odyssey Mirror Maze, a truly stumping maze that is one of the largest in the world. At 5,000 square feet, the maze contains features such as the infinity room, the holograph hallway and the dance room where the walls will boogie to your every move!

Does your child love spy movies? You won’t want to miss The Vault at MagiQuest! Duck, slide and jump over laser beams as quickly as you can. Just don’t break the beam and you will be on your way to the Pigeon Forge record books!

The Tomb and MagiQuest are great attractions for your whole group, from kids ages 3 to 93! Visit their websites at and purchase your tickets to the attractions today. You can also purchase combo tickets so you can try out both adventures while you pad your wallet!

The Tomb is located at Traffic Light #2B at Walden’s Landing shopping center.

MagiQuest is located at Traffic Light #2A – the large castle next to Starbucks.