A Vacation From Vacation – Escape to Pigeon Forge


Many people stay so busy over the holidays that they feel as though they need a vacation from their vacation. Between all of the shopping, baking, cleaning, and entertaining, it’s no wonder that people feel exhausted from celebrating Christmas. We’ve got a great suggestion: take a vacation from your vacation (by escaping to a Pigeon Forge cabin rental in Tennessee.)

Here’s what you should do:

Call and book a Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabin for the weekend- make sure the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabin has a view, a hot tub, and a fireplace. You’ll get lots of relaxation at your cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee by lounging around and taking some time to just be silent.

Pack your bags- Keep it simple. This isn’t a trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee that will involve a lot of time with people. You need to get away. Pack some comfortable lounging clothing, maybe some comfy slippers, and one or two pairs of t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes combos in case you need to go out.

Pick out a book- There’s usually not a lot of time to read during the holidays but the power of one good book might be all you need to refresh you and get you back to a place of peace. Pick a good book to bring on your trip to you Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabin. You might even enjoy staying in bed for a couple hours in the morning and reading over a cup of coffee. It’s nice.

Unplug- It might be difficult but it’s a good idea to get rid of the media that causes stress in your life. Choose to leave the laptop behind. Don’t turn on the television at your cabin, and only answer phone calls from immediate family (in case of emergency.) Don’t answer text messages, and don’t be tempted to check Twitter, Facebook, or emails while you’re vacationing in your Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabin. The point is to relax. Staying busy while in Pigeon Forge isn’t going to give you a vacation.

We hope that this Christmas season has been one of joy and blessings for you and your family. If you need to find a way to unwind then feel free to call us and take a look at some of the cabins we have available.

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