Things to Do in Pigeon Forge When you get Snowed-in


The snow has been pouring down at our Pigeon Forge cabins! It has been so heavy that there have been a few days that the roads have been too icy to do very much driving.  When that happens it’s a good idea to stay in and enjoy relaxing for the day. Families should plan to have plenty of food around for such a day and should think about fun ways to enjoy each other’s company.

We’ve compiled a list of fun things to do when you get snowed in while vacationing in Pigeon Forge. Here’s the list:

  1. Stay in a cabin in Pigeon Forge: This one is obvious coming from a cabin company but some people opt to stay in hotels while they vacation in Pigeon Forge.  Hotels don’t have full kitchens and space to have fun family time. Cabins however provide you with a full home to relax in. From the pool table to the hot tub to the TV, you’ll have plenty to do for your snowed in day in Pigeon Forge.
  2. Cook, bake, and cook again in your cabin in Pigeon Forge: Have the family take turns cooking meals in your Pigeon Forge cabin. Have the kids cook breakfast (make sure someone watches for accidental egg shells dropped in the food.) Moms can cook lunch, and dads can cook dinner. In between, it might be fun to do a bake-off. Warm cookies, delicious apple pie, and yummy pumpkin pie can all be made from the cabin and you’ll really enjoy the great food.
  3. Play games in your cabin in Pigeon Forge: Bring some games to the cabin and play boys against girls, or kids against adults. The camaraderie will be refreshing. You might even be able to play to determine who does what chores (loser does the dishes.) A competitive game of pool might also work well for family fun.
  4. Get in the hot tub: Hot tubs are great for relaxing in cold weather. The hot water and steam gives you the feeling of relaxing at a spa. While you won’t want to stay in too long, it is a fun way to take in the beautiful scenery while still staying warm.
  5. Watch a Christmas movie: Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, and The Santa Clause are all great movies that help you get into the spirit.
  6. Snuggle by the fire at your cabin in Pigeon Forge: Take turns telling your favorite Christmas memories or telling funny jokes. Snuggle up to the fire and reminisce about years past. This will bring you close together and remind you of fond memories.

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Being snowed-in in Pigeon Forge isn’t really a bad thing. If you plan right it can help you reconnect with the family. Staying away from the Pigeon Forge attractions for a day might be just the thing you need to celebrate the holidays.