Southern Draw Tattoo Studio – Pigeon Forge


Getting a tattoo in Pigeon Forge isn’t what most people think of when planning their vacation at our Pigeon Forge, Tennessee cabins. However, there are risk takers out there that like crazy adventure and seek it out when they come to Pigeon Forge. While getting a tattoo in Pigeon Forge isn’t the only adventure to take here, it’s one that some people really enjoy doing.

There’s a tattoo studio in Pigeon Forge that has been frequenting news and industry publications over the last few years. Southern Draw Skin Art Tattoo Studio in Pigeon Forge is know for it’s owner who is an award-winning artist with a country background. The owner is a southern belle, but there’s nothing normal about this lady. She owns tattoo shops in both Pigeon Forge and Sevierville. She has several tattoos herself, including one of Jesus on her forearm which has garnered seven awards. The Jesus tattoo is a symbol of Rhonda’s religious beliefs. Rhonda Marsh refers to respect and integrity when describing the Southern Draw Tattoo Studio’s mantra on dealing with clients.

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Southern Draw Tattoo Studio in Pigeon Forge offers services in tattooing, body piercing, and permanent cosmetics. The team also offers Acrylic paintings and Pastel Portraiture work.

Permanent cosmetics that Rhonda Marsh’s team provides include permanent eye liner, lip liner and full lips, and eyebrows.

The Southern Draw Tattoo studio in Pigeon Forge isn’t like most down home style places in Pigeon Forge. The tattoo studio is a nice studio that has a contemporary feel mixed with some nice woodwork that is a staple in a lot of Pigeon Forge cabins. The tattoo studio displays a case of piercings that can be purchased and has plenty of chairs available for people getting tattoos. They also have stools and a small waiting area for guests. The tattoo area of the studio also has a tv that plays comedic dvds throughout the day.

Southern Draw Tattoo Studio is located at 3152 Parkway Suite # 5. Their phone number is (865) 774 2400, and their website address is