Cultivate YOUR Creativity | Artist Retreat in the Smokies


Being cooped away at home for months doesn’t inspire much… Getting away from it all in the Great Smoky Mountains, even if just for a little while, can make all the difference and boost your creativity. Life demands we take a step back sometimes in order to reflect and reconnect with our artistic sides. After all, it’s difficult to produce pieces that inspire when a great deal of our time revolves around daily chores, taking care of others, and work. It’s okay to take time for yourself as a creator — in fact, it’s needed to grow. 

Jumpstart your creativity with an artist retreat! A private cabin rental in the Smokies is ideal for inspirational scenery, getting in touch with nature, finally relaxing, letting loose, and creating works of art like never before. Why? Aside from the stunning views, staying in a Smoky Mountain cabin rental offers spacious accommodations to escape everyday life, leave the rush behind, and focus on your art. Whether you’re looking for a secluded cabin where you can break away alone in quiet or a larger cabin for a spirited artsy group get-together, Pigeon Forge, TN Cabins has the perfect choice for your artist retreat cabin in the heart of the Smokies.

Views That Inspire

Get in touch with your creative vibes with inspirational views at a cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains. Let the ridges and valleys sink into your soul, the rushing river current flow with your spirit, and wooded scenes renew your strength. Basically…tune into the breathtaking landscape around you and harness the inner inspiration you’ve been missing. 

The rolling hills, running waters, and peaceful trees are marvelous to admire from your cabin’s wall of giant windows or expansive decking. It’s a great start to your artist retreat, welcoming you home in the Smoky Mountains and providing a sense of comfort and openness where you can freely sculpt, paint, craft, carve, crochet, or write whatever you feel like creating. 

Reconnecting with Nature

Reconnecting with nature is beneficial for your health, including your mind, emotions, and body. When you not only look but also listen, feel, and meditate wholeheartedly with natural surroundings, it helps you find roots in this world that can provide calm and positivity. An artist retreat in the Smokies is a great way to find your connection with nature and trigger a fresh wave of creativity in a peaceful setting. 

At the cabin, sip morning coffee in a rocking chair and enjoy songbird tunes. Set out snacks and drinks on the outdoor table to enjoy. Unwind in the gentle breezes on the porch swing with wine in hand. Stroll along community walking trails every evening. And most importantly, take time to let go of any struggles or negativity from daily life and let in the supportive energy and serenity of nature.

Most Visited National Park Nearby: Pop over to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a little while to hike, picnic, horseback ride, or fish. Of course, it’s also a great place to sketch, draw, journal, or jot down ideas for your next artistic piece.

Total Relaxation

While at your artist retreat cabin in the Smokies, it’s important to make time for yourself to just relax. Believe it or not, hitting whoa every now and then is great for mental stimulation. It can help with stress relief, boost energy, reduce blood pressure, and bring balance to your emotional state. Every artist needs a brain break to focus on taking care of themselves — yes, that includes YOU. 

Start relaxing on your art retreat vacation as soon as you arrive to your Pigeon Forge cabin. Take in the sunset views from the steamy hot tub with massaging jets. Light a few tea candles, play tranquil tunes, and toss a bath fizzy into the indoor jetted tub for a soothing spa bath. Enjoy a glass of champagne and your favorite book by the crackling fireplace. And sleep deeply in a plush king suite. 

Spirit Lifting Fun

Is playtime as an adult really necessary to unwind? Absolutely! Playtime may feel more energetic in ways, but its benefits go hand in hand with relaxation. Playing improves brainpower, relieves stress, helps you connect with others, and sparks creativity. Artists can really benefit from a little (or a lot of) playtime!

When choosing a Smoky Mountain cabin for your artist retreat, check out the amenities list to see what kind of playful activities are offered. Maybe a funny or fantastical film in a private home theater with surround sound and theater style seating is what you’re looking for. Perhaps, a fully loaded rec room with arcade units and game tables, like pool and air hockey, is more to your taste. How about a private indoor pool with a waterfall? Or go for simplistic fun with s’mores and stories around the firepit. It’s all up to you!

Need Help Planning an Artist Retreat in the Smokies?

Planning your artist retreat in the Smokies can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help — with plenty of cabin options and friendly assistance! Opt for our easy-to-use website and book online or give our call center a ring at 866.513.7885. 

We know the best cabins with the best views and amenities to suit your art retreat vacation needs, so don’t be shy.

As an artist, it’s important for you to get away from everyday life now and again to find new inspiration, spend time in nature, relax, have fun, and express your creativity in a nourishing environment — easily found in an artist retreat cabin in the Smokies!