Climb Works Canopy


Climb Works Canopy in Gatlinburg, Tennessee is your destination for the ultimate adventure experience. C.L.I.M.B. stands for challenge, learn, inspire, master and believe… are all things you will accomplish when you embark on your canopy zipline tour of the Great Smoky Mountains!

This unique canopy tour originated deep in the rainforests of Costa Rica. These zipline adventures offered environmentalists an easy and exciting way to study the rainforest biodiversity. Now, this canopy tour offers you the experience of flying through the treetops in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Your tour will embark on four wheels where your guides will take you to the top of the mountain where your adventure will begin!

Climb Works offers nine of the best ziplines in the Smoky Mountains in addition to three canopy sky bridges that will take your breath away! This adrenaline pumping, exciting adventure is suitable for those age 8 years and older. Children fewer than 80 pounds may need a sibling or guide to ride with them, so inform Climb Works if you have a “lightweight” in your group!

Unlike other zipline tours of the Smoky Mountains, Climb Works Canopy is expertly designed so you do not have to work about braking or slowing yourself down. This carefree ride will allow you to experience all of the beautiful sights and sounds without the distraction or worry of hand braking. The professionally trained staff will take care of everything from start to finish!

Your tour will take you over ravines, streams, trees and wildlife as you enjoy the fantastic views of the National Park. Climb Works recommends that you dress appropriately for the weather. Tours will go on, rain or shine, but ponchos and goggles will be provided in case of rainy weather. Bundle up in case of the cold and wear closed toed shoes to ensure your safety. In addition, baggy clothes and loose jewelry are not recommended. Ladies should tie back long hair and sunglasses should be secured!

Climb Works Canopy is unique in its offering of sunset and night zipping tours. The sunset tour is recommended for those new to ziplining and will begin as the sun sets over the Great Smoky Mountains. As the light fades you will begin to get comfortable with ziplining. When darkness finally falls you will marvel at the blanket of stars that cover the black sky. This exciting tour is a one of a kind experience, setting Canopy Climb Works far above the rest!

Canopy Climb Works is Gatlinburg, Tennessee’s number one ziplining destination. Located at 155 Branam Hollow Road, you can make your reservation by calling them at 865-325-8116 or by visiting their website at: