Pigeon Forge Vacations – Make the Most of Your Trip

After reserving your Pigeon Forge cabin rental, you probably can’t wait to arrive to your temporary home. We all know that vacations are never long enough, so we’re here to help you make the most of your stay in Pigeon Forge. These ten tips will help you save time and money and enjoy every second of your stay in your Pigeon Forge cabin rental.

Rent a cabin with family and friends.
Vacations are better when you have some company, so split the cost of the cabin and stay with family and friends! You will enjoy this time spent with loved ones and you will love having someone to share your Pigeon Forge experiences with.

Leave early to arrive at a good time.
If your work or school permits, leave early enough to arrive at your Pigeon Forge cabin before dark. Our check-ins begin at 4:00pm, leaving you several hours of daylight to settle into your cabin and unpack your bags. By the time you get everything squared away you will be ready for dinner and can ride into town for a quick bite to eat.

Plan meals and grocery shop.
Before you leave for your vacation, plan daily meals for your trip. Will you be out and about early or does a brunch sound better to you? Confer with your vacation partners and see what they’d like to do, then plan out every meal from breakfast to dinner every day! Allot a few times for dining on the town and plan meals and snacks to eat in the cabin.


Use the kitchen.
Besides being a great way to cut back on your vacation expenses, dining in your cabin can be a fun and relaxing experience. Many of our cabins offer abundant counter space in the kitchen, making it easy for you to invite the kids or your friends in to help you prepare a meal. Whether it’s breakfast or dinner, you will enjoy getting the most out of your Pigeon Forge cabin rental.

Pack light and wash clothes.
Most of our cabins offer a washer and dryer on premises, so take advantage of it! Packing light will allow you to do some shopping on your vacation without overstuffing your bags. A couple loads of laundry won’t take long and can save you the hassle of multiple loads of clothes once you return home.

Plan for downtime.

You paid for your cabin and all of its amenities, so why not enjoy them?! Our Pigeon Forge cabin rentals offer many entertaining amenities, such as pool tables, home theaters, arcades and more. Plan to spend some downtime in your cabin and enjoy a rousing game of air hockey or pool. It’s okay to have some time with nothing to do on your vacation – after all, that’s what vacations are for!

Bring a bathing suit.
Nearly all of our Pigeon Forge cabin rentals offer hot tubs, and you won’t want to miss out on a relaxing soak on your vacation. In addition, many of our cabins offer pool access or offer a pool on grounds. These pools are perfect for spending some time in the sun during the summer, and even the indoor pools are wonderful in the winter!

Hike in the National Park.
The Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers more than 800 miles of hiking trails for you and your family to enjoy. Trails range from easy and less than a few miles to strenuous with overnight hikes. Select a trail that suits your experience level (and what you’d like to see!) and enjoy a day surrounded by the nature in the Smoky Mountains.

Pre-plan your outings.
Spend a few hours researching attractions and entertainment in Pigeon Forge and choose the ones you and your family would like to visit. Are you up for exciting and thrilling entertainment or do you prefer a day exploring historical places and shopping? Pigeon Forge offers something for everyone. By pre-planning your excursions and programming addresses you will cut down on time spent driving aimlessly through the town.

Check the weather.
A quick Google search of “Pigeon Forge weather” will provide you will all of the information you need to pack for your trip. Don’t get caught in shorts when a cold front is moving in, or don’t start sweating in your parka! Take a look at the seven-day outlook and pack accordingly for your trip.

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