Elkmont in the Smoky Mountains


This special town in the Smoky Mountains was once a tourist town that kept the area lively with visitors and locals. Over the years, the livelihood of this small tourist town declined with the economy. The area began as a means for certain workers to make a living, with the logging industry in high demand in the 1920s. For this reason, many people found it essential to work in this field. The logging family and their guests could spend the warmer months here fishing and hunting. Some people found Elkmont to be ideal in terms of a community, because all the essentials were within their reach. On the property was a post office, church, theater, and cemetery.

Years later, two opposing sides began making their cases for what Elkmont could be in the future. One side argued that Elkmont should be kept private and made into a national forest. With this title, the forest would be protected from crowds of tourists coming in and disrupting the wildlife. The other party in the dispute wanted the area to be transformed into a national park so that tourists and locals could bring money to local businesses and visit the area freely.

Over the years, Elkmont gained popularity, particularly with the discovery of the synchronous fireflies. Today, this unique area is a staple location in the Smoky Mountains because of its large camping area, synchronous fireflies, and great hiking. It’s also near Pigeon Forge, which is packed with tons of family-friendly attractions and home to many wonderful events year-round.

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Tips for Elkmont visitors
Keep in mind that taking away from or destroying property in the Smokies is not permitted. It is illegal to enter into any of the Elkmont property buildings. Feel free to take pictures of the historic ghost town, but make sure that pictures and memories are all you take. When hiking, make sure that you are well prepared and aware of your surroundings. Try and familiarize yourself with the area so that you avoid getting lost. Pack plenty of water and snacks, but make sure that you refrain from feeding the wildlife. Take your trash with you when you go and enjoy beautiful Elkmont!