Horseback Riding in Pigeon Forge – Prices and Info

Imagine taking your family to a cabin in PigeonForge in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. You decide that you want to take the family out for something fun in Pigeon Forge but you don’t want to do anything inside so you opt for something a little more adventurous. You tell the family that

horseback riding in Pigeon Forge is the adventure for the day. Now what?Which stable for horseback riding in Pigeon Forge will you choose? There are several factors that differ between the horseback riding stables in Pigeon Forge and we’ve created a helpful list that may assist you in choosing the perfect one for your family.

Adventure Park at Five Oaks Horseback Riding Stable–
Price: $29.99 per person. Coupon: They offer a $5.00 coupon here. This stable for  horse back riding in Pigeon Forge has 70 acres of land in the Smoky Mountains to ride in. They are very well known in the area, partly because they are so easy to spot coming into town. Their phone number is 865-453-8644.

Walden Creek Horseback Riding-Price: $25 for an hour long trip but they haveseveral different types including a trail that goes to the mountain top. It’s a two hour ride and costs $60 per person.Coupon: They offer $2.00 off each horse at This Pigeon Forge horseback riding stable has over 500 acres and several paths to take. They also have scheduled evening wild west shows. They Their phone number is865-429-0411.

Big Rock Dude Ranch at Ponderosa
Price: $24.95 with a coupon, $28.95 without a coupon. Coupon books can be found in almost every coupon book in town according to a Ponderosa employee. This horseback riding stable in Pigeon Forge has no weight limits and boasts a Gilliham and Associates #1 rating for safety. Their trail is a 3.5 mile mountain trail with some nice views of the mountains. Their phone number is 865-428-9398.

Douglas Lakeview Stables
Price: $29 (includes a cowboy hat for each person and one color photo for the group.)This horseback riding stable near Pigeon Forge has some nice lake views. They also state that during certain times of year you can ride the horses out to some of the islands on the lake. Their phone number is 1-(865) 428-3587.

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