Parrot Mountain & Gardens in Pigeon Forge

1471 McCarter Hollow Road | Pigeon Forge, TN 37862

Imagine a tropical oasis in the Smoky Mountain hills. Imagine enjoying a delicious lunch while listening to the soothing sounds of a waterfall and the unique songs of hundreds of exotic birds. Sound too good to be true? Not at Parrot Mountain & Gardens!

Located next to Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country, Parrot Mountain & Gardens is a hidden gem in the Smoky Mountain hills. This family-friendly attraction began more than two decades ago with the vision to build a garden in the mountains of Tennessee that would be filled with not only beautiful flowers, but a delightful array of birds.

Today, Parrot Mountain & Gardens is situated beneath a canopy of beautiful hardwood trees, offering 4 acres of professionally landscaped gardens. Also inside Parrot Mountain (hence the name) are hundreds and hundreds of tropical birds! Some of the varieties you’ll find include Macaws, Cockatoos, Toucans, Magpies, Lorikeets, and Parrotlets.

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to spend the afternoon in Pigeon Forge—a place where you will be wowed by its natural beauty and almost as much as you’ll be delighted by its playful birds—then bring your small group, church group, youth group, or that special someone to Parrot Mountain & Gardens. You’ll find something everyone can enjoy—from age 2 to 92!

A Tour of Parrot Mountain & Gardens
You might forget where you are for a second when you first pull up to Parrot Mountain & Gardens. This unique attraction is surrounded by a 200-foot stacked stone fence, like the ones you see more commonly in England or Ireland.

Inside this attraction, you’ll also have the opportunity to view a replica of Thomas Kinkade’s “Stairway to Paradise.” After beginning your tour through the professionally landscaped pathways, lined with natural field stone, you’ll begin to see unique parrot cottages, each with its own unique design.

With slate, water reed, and cedar shake roofing, these are more than just your average bird cages—they are parrot cottages! You’ll find these exotic birds not only in their cottages, but also on open perches that line the pathways. Then, you’ll come to a little yellow door, which leads to the secret garden inside Parrot Mountain & Gardens.

The secret garden is truly a marvel to behold. With toucans, silvery-cheek hornbills, and magpie’s flying freely, you’ll experience the beauty of nature firsthand at this Pigeon Forge attraction. Then, after exiting the secret garden, you’ll come to the bird garden, where approximately 70 birds on open-air perches await you so you can feed them by hand. You are also welcome to take your pictures with these birds or simply enjoy being among them, taking in their variety of colors and sizes.

And this is not all you can look forward to at Parrot Mountain & Gardens. There’s also the lory aviary, where you can feed lories nectar from your hand; a picturesque waterfall; and finally, the baby bird nursey, where you can pet the babies and watch them as they are hand-fed. You can even take one of these beautiful babies home! At Parrot Mountain, their trained professionals will show you how to care for your bird and make it a new member of your family.

About Parrot Mountain & Gardens
If the brief tour above has inspired you to want to visit Parrot Mountain & Gardens (and we hope it has!), here is some information you’ll need about the attraction so you can plan your first visit. Parrot Mountain is not a free attraction, but your ticket does help to feed the birds and maintain the beautifully landscaped environment.

Adults (12 years old and up)—$17.95
Children (2 to 11 years old)—$8.95
Seniors (65 years old and up)—$14.95
Group Rates (25 or more)
Adults (12 years old and up)—$11.95
Children (2 to 11 years old)—$7.95

Parrot Mountain & Gardens is open March through October with varying hours depending on the season. Generally, the park is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. See the attraction’s website for more specific information. Also see the website for information about any coupons they might be offering. Currently the offer is $1 off each regular ticket.

Educational Program for Students
If you are bringing a school group, a homeschool group, or just a cabin full of kids to Pigeon Forge this year, try the educational tour at Parrot Mountain & Gardens. With the goal of teaching children about the protection and preservation of exotic birds as well as providing an awareness and appreciation for the beauty of the great outdoors, this program welcomes all groups—large or small, public or private. Enjoy an educational tour of the park, hands-on handling of the birds, a student lunch special at the Parrot Mountain deli, and more with this program!

Unique Opportunity for Church Groups
A designated prayer garden can be found at the back of this park with a manger scene, a replica of the crucified Christ, and a replica of the empty tomb of Jesus. Not only will you be inspired by the natural beauty of creation at Parrot Mountain & Gardens, but also by scenes depicting the sacrifice of Christ. Church groups and youth groups visiting Pigeon Forge should definitely check out Parrot Mountain & Gardens. You will appreciate this attraction as a much-needed escape in the Smokies for quiet reflection and prayer.