Pigeon Forge, TN – Zorb Activities

Zorb Smokies has closed since this article was written

Are you planning a fun filled vacation with family or friends to Pigeon Forge and needing some information on fun activities to do while in the area? Then I would suggest visiting “Zorb in the Smoky Mountains” It is an activity that everyone will enjoy. Zorb originated from New Zealand and has just made it’s first appearance in North America in the Smoky Mountains. You may be wondering what exactly a “zorb” is. Zorb is a massive inflatable plastic ball measuring approximately 11 feet in diameter and weighs around 200 pounds. Up to three people may fight into a Zorb at once. It allows you to experience being weightless as you tumble down lanes. Don’t worry! you will be safe in the zorb. The air trapped inside the plastic ball protect you. There are two different ways that you can experience the Zorb while in Pigeon Forge, TN. You can either ride while strapped into a harness or you can ride freely. The first ride that is offered is the “Zydro ride”. As you tumble downhill you and up to three friends can ride the Zorb. However, there is a catch!! You will share the bubble with a bucket of water. The Zorb becomes almost like a slip n slide creating a crazier ride. The “Zorbit ride”, is a waterless ride. During the “zorbit ride“ you and up to three friends will be harnessed in and there is no water as you tumble head over feet downhill. Zorbing is an activity that you will enjoying as you and your friends or family tumble over hundred of feet downhill. So as you plan your vacation to a Pigeon Forge cabin. Don’t’ forget to include Zorbing in your activities.