Dollywood Presents Newest Gospel Music Hall of Fame Inductees


Dollywood was host to the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame’s latest induction. Arthur Smith from North Carolina was honored by the Southern Gospel Music Association which is a non-profit that maintains the Hall of Fame. The latest list of inductees also includes Danny Gaither, Little Jan Buckner-Goff, Sam Goodman, Bill Hefner, and Connie.

These inductees weren’t the only recognized musicians in this year’s round of awards given by the Southern Gospel music Association. Dolly Parton, already in the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame, was honored with the James D. Vaughn Impact Award. Dolly Parton was recognized for the work she has done to help Southern Gospel Music and the Hall of Fame be where it is today.
“Had it not been for a little girl from the mountains named Dolly, there would not be a Dollywood. Had there not been a Dollywood, the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame would not be here,” SGMA executive director Charlie Waller was quoted saying.

Dollywood is close to some of our Pigeon Forge cabin rentals.

The Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame Museum is housed in Dolly Parton’s very own Dollywood. Museum hours match those of the amusement park in Pigeon Forge.
Dolly Parton thanked the audience at the ceremony for their support of her and her park and sang her song “I Am a Seeker” after stating “Most of us, we try to do good but we don’t always do it,” according to reports. She also said, “We know we are just sinners but we know that God loves us and is willing to forgive us.

Dolly Parton described herself as seeking God in her life but sometimes wondering if she was a good Christian in her early career. The Southern Gospel musician is well known for her charitable work and very much deserved this prestigious award.

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