Spring Break in Pigeon Forge, TN


Pigeon Forge, TN is a very popular spring break destination for families from all over the United States. There are several reasons why a Pigeon Forge, TN spring break is the way to go. The area is known for having great views of the Smoky Mountains and for having plenty of entertainment for families looking for fun. Pair that with the central location of the area and the beautiful weather in the Smoky Mountains, it’s no wonder the area is so popular.

Staying in a cabin for spring break in Pigeon Forge is the perfect option. Cabins provide kitchens for quick and easy home-prepared meals that don’t cost as much as eating out. They also feature private rooms and hot tubs with amazing views. The cable tv also provides extra entertainment.

There are lots of great things to do during spring break in Pigeon Forge. Families may find that the beautiful spring weather gives the perfect excuse to spend the entire break outdoors.

Here’s a list of things to do during spring break with your kids:

Take a hike
Ride go-karts
put-put golf
Go to a show (Comedy Barn is a classic for young children)
white water raft the Pigeon River
Go to the indoor water park
Dollywood (the new ropes course is very popular)

Are you a high school or college student taking your spring break in Pigeon Forge? If so here’s a separate list for you to do during spring break in Pigeon Forge, TN:

white water raft the Pigeon River
bungee jump
Wonder Works (play some games and make a roller coaster)
Karaoke (there are cash prizes involved)
ride go-karts
play darts and pool
Hike a trail that leads to a waterfall

Whatever age you are Pigeon Forge, TN is the perfect place for taking a spring break vacation.  The beautiful weather in the Smoky Mountains is ideal for basking in the outdoors and there are all kinds of shows, restaurants, shops, attractions, and rides to keep you entertained.