The Festival of Nations – Dollywood


On March 26 the Pigeon Forge Dollywood Festival of Nations will begin. The 2011 Festival of Nations in Pigeon Forge will feature international performances including ones from Georgia and Argentina. The music and costumes are sure to impress you, and if you’re staying at one of our Pigeon Forge TN Cabins you may want to check it out. The season will run through May 2, 2011 (shows are closed on Tuesdays and Sundays.)

The Dollywood Festival of Nations is considered one of the biggest festivals in the south. It will feature a headline act called Samaia: Legend of the Caucasus. The performers of Samaia are all from the Georgian Republic. Georgian dance is a combination of ballet and sword fighting. It also features colorful dance, costumes, drums, and chants.

The Argentinean portion of the Festival of Nations will include traditional Argentinean folk dancing. It will have a modern flare and a dash of comedic performance. The Los Pampas Gauchos portion will show off the fun drums, knives, whips, capes, and boleadoras that are common in the Argentinean dance world.

More is included in the festival of Nations production list. Oisre is the Irish section, Drum! Features over 20 performers that will sing, dance, and inspire you. Invaders Steel Orchestra will represent Trinidad and Tobago, and Atahualpa will show off the relaxing sounds of the Andes. A Zambian vocal group will dazzle with a’cappella performances and a French musician will show off his skills with a hanging drum set.

Not only will international performances be featured at the Dollywood Festival of nations in Pigeon Forge, international food and crafts will also be available for Dollywood visitors.

Dollywood tickets can be ordered by calling 1-800-dollywood. Adult tickets are $57, children’s tickets are $45.80, and senior adult tickets cost $53.65.

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