Titanic Museum Commemorates 100 Years


April 14, 2012 marked 100 years since the RMS Titanic sunk to its chilly grave nearly two miles below the ocean floor. The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge held a commemorative ceremony Saturday night to honor the staff and passengers that lost their lives that evening.

In an emotionally charged outdoor ceremony, the Titanic Museum celebrated those who lost their lives that fateful night. Nearly 2,000 people were in attendance to watch the program and ceremonies.

Only 700 of the 2,200 passengers who were on board the Titanic that night survived to share their tales. Saturday’s event included an introduction of 30 descendants of passengers who made it out alive.

The introduction of the descendants was an emotional event, as the diverse groups of people were able to meet for the first time. Classes of all sorts mingled, shared stories and wiped tears as they celebrated the memories of their loved ones.

The tribute also included a parade of flags of the 40 nations, representing the homes of each passenger and crew of the ship. An eternal flame was lit at the museums pool to remember those who lost their lives.

The Grandfather Mountain Highlanders were also on hand to let their bagpipes ring out across the night.

Nashville’s Circle Players performed music from “Titanic the Musical,” while The Sound Company Children’s Choir sang. The children’s choir commemorated lives of the 56 children who died aboard the Titanic.

The atmosphere of the event was filled with love, honor and respect. The staff of the Titanic Museum at Pigeon Forge commemorated those who lost their lives on the RMS Titanic in an incredible way.

If you’re interested in visiting Titanic at Pigeon Forge, please visit their website: https://www.titanicpigeonforge.com/