Pigeon Forge Titanic – Features Passenger’s Descendent to Help Celebrate New Exhibit

The Pigeon Forge Titanic exhibit has become a very popular attraction in Pigeon Forge, TN.  The Titanic museum (near our Pigeon Forge, TN cabins) has brought over 100,000 “passengers” on board and has received great reviews. Now, the Pigeon Forge Titanic team has announced that they are celebrating the Irish during the month of March. To help celebrate, an Irishman engineer’s descendent will attend the event.

Thomas Millar was an engineer for the company that built the Titanic ship. His wife passed away three months prior to the Titanic’s maiden voyage, and Millar decided to scope out America in hopes of eventually moving there with his two sons and starting fresh. He served as an Assistant Deck Engineer on the Titanic ship. On the day of departure, Millar handed his two sons a penny each and told them not to spend them  until he came back. Millar never made it back, and his boys kept the pennies. Those pennies will be on display at the Pigeon Forge Titanic on March 19-23, 2011.

There to accompany the pennies at the Pigeon Forge Titanic museum will be Susie Millar, the great-grandaughter of Thomas Miller. Susie was a TV producer in Ireland and says that the town of Belfast (the Irish town in which the Titanic was built) only recently started gaining an interest in the historic ship. The Pigeon Forge Titanic museum will be honoring the Irish people who built the shipe and worked on it during it’s maiden voyage. Visitors can expect to hear Irish music and Irish folklore just like what could have been heard in the halls of the crew on the Titanic so many years ago.

The Pigeon Forge Titanic museum opens at  9am daily and visitors are encouraged to call ahead to make reservations because the museum often enough sells out for the day. Visitors can call 800-381-7670 or book tickets online at www.titanicpigeonforge.com.