Dinosaurs in Pigeon Forge!


This exhibit is now closed

There are some massive dinosaurs in Pigeon Forge. That’s because Pigeon Forge is home to a dinosaur museum like no other. According to their website “You won’t find a better selection of dinosaurs anywhere! We are the best and only source for so many dinosaur items.” The Pigeon Forge dinosaur museum features some of the largest creatures to ever roam the Earth. This Pigeon Forge dinosaur museum has a plethora of things for kids to get into.

The Pigeon Forge dinosaur museum boasts multiple exhibits that are designed to expand your knowledge on dinosaurs and give you a little bit of entertainment too. The museum was designed to allow visitors to see, fee, and hear what it was like when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Their exhibits allow visitors to use their senses to explore a whole different world.

Visitors to the Pigeon Forge dinosaur museum can walk through the life-size exhibit of dinosaurs. That means, they’ll get to see replicas of various sizes of dinosaurs. The smallest of the dinosaurs on display is a one pound Microraptor and the largest is probably the two-story high T. Rex. They aren’t real dinosaurs, they’re actually replicas that are built from scratch. The Pigeon forge dinosaur museum replicas are made with a wooden frame. From there, artists use clay and fiberglass to complete the look.

The dinosaur museum also has a movie theatre that features films about dinosaurs. Their large screen tv and surround sound system allow you to get a good feel for the dinsoaur world. Another way to get a “feel” for dinosaurs is to visit the Pigeon Forge dinosaur museums fossil center. Visitors become archaeologists in this digging area. Still another activity full of dinosaur fun is the creative coloring center. Children can draw pictures of dinosaurs and let their imaginations run wild with depictions of many years ago.

The dinosaur museum in Pigeon Forge is open daily from 9am to 6pm (except Christmas day.) Prices are listed below.

Adults: $9.95 + tax
Children (4yrs.old to 18yrs.old): $6.95 + tax
Children 3 and under: FREE

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