12 Games, Activities, and Fun Ways to Play in Your Pigeon Forge Cabin


This year’s Christmas is an extraordinary time this year in a Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Cabin, but now that you have booked the perfect cabin for your small family Christmas vacation, a large family get-together, or escape from the holiday craziness with another family, you still have some more planning to do. Fortunately for you, directions, check-in, and keeping everyone entertained, well-fed, and well-rested is much easier with Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Cabins!

Your cabin’s listing page details every room, amenity, and view lending you a glimpse into your dream Smoky Mountain vacation before arriving. To make this vacation process the least amount of stress for you (because the holidays are stressful enough), here are our 12 favorite things to do while celebrating Christmas in the cabin in the spirit of the timeless classic carol!

  1. Christmas Movie Nights
    Break out the classics from your own DVD library at home or check your cabin’s listing for added perks like Netflix to host some good old-fashioned movie nights! Meet in the living room or the theater room in your favorite onesie pajamas and bowls of popcorn before pressing play on holiday movies like the hilarious Elf or the timeless tale of holiday mishaps, A Christmas Story.
  2. Cooking Christmas Treats
    On your way through the grocery store aisles to stock up your cabin’s fridge, grab ingredients for sugar cookies, Christmas cookie-cutters, and edible decorations to make the perfect holiday treats with your little ones in your cabin’s fully loaded kitchen!
  3. Mountain Mornings on the Deck
    While there is no need to wake up early, catching the morning sunlight pouring over the mountains, through the forests, and reflecting off frozen streams is beyond magical. Breathing in crisp mountain air while sharing warm cups of coffee with family and friends makes for a great way to start the day and make the most of your time together in your Christmas cabin.
  4. Christmas Stocking Decorating
    Gather around the fire with your stockings, glue, glitter, and your little ones’ other favorite crafting supplies to decorate stockings to hang in your cabin’s living room, a homey touch for those vacationing for Christmas for the first time, or an intimate family Christmas reunion with numerous kids in tow!
  5. Gift Exchange by the Fire
    Is there a more picturesque spot for the kids to open gifts than a cozy cabin living room in front of a fire dancing in a stone fireplace while wintry mountain views rest through the windows? I think not. Additionally, make it more fun and inspire a spirit of gift giving in the kids by doing a Secret Santa exchange amongst the younger guests. Let them pick a name out of a hat and then head to the Tanger Outlets in nearby Sevierville, where they have numerous stores to shop – with $10-$20 from Mom and Dad to find the perfect gift for their sibling or friend.
  6. Holiday Game Nights
    A fun way to give the kids (and the group) a Christmas present is in the form of an awesome new game you can all learn how to play together, or a family favorite that has a new expansion. Once the wrapping paper has been ripped off, let the fun begin for the rest of the evening while enjoying homemade Christmas treats and delicious fudge from Pigeon Forge! Many of our cabins boast open-concept common rooms, providing ample room to play more active games that don’t require boards (like charades) and large dining room tables to play multi-faceted games, such as Cranium!
  7. Cabin Christmas Décor
    While some of our cabins boast Christmas-themed décor, doesn’t hurt to add a little more holiday cheer in the cabin with some bargain lights wrapped around the banisters and homemade Christmas adornments on the mantel. After a visit to the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community, get inspired to create gingerbread houses, ornaments, and garland for fun, budget-friendly memory making in your Christmas cabin.
  8. Christmas-Themed Scavenger Hunt
    This is a fun activity your little ones will cherish for a lifetime,and it’s so incredibly simple. Make it a treasure hunt or one of their Christmas presents at the end of the clues, but get creative! Write little riddles such as, “Has no face and no arms but is always on time,” (a digital clock) or short clues like, “Near the one-legged soccer players,” (if your cabin has a foosball table). The kids will not only have a blast while playing, but also depending on how elaborate your scavenger hunt is, can keep them entertained while you prepare dinner or sip on glasses of local wine with other parents enjoying the hilarity sure to ensue along their pursuit.
  9. Write Letters to Santa to Hand Deliver
    This is a pastime many families enjoy every Christmas, but the kids can hand deliver their letters to Santa in Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland amongst millions of synchronized lights and music! There are more opportunities to meet the infamous Saint Nicholas and his North Pole family in Dollywood during Smoky Mountain Christmas and at The Island on select dates during December, which is perfect because there are tons of shops to pick up those last-minute gifts.
  10. Swimming-in the Winter!
    Surprise the kids with wintertime splash when you book a cabin with an indoor pool. Our cabins located in Bear Creek Crossing also provide a community indoor pool as well! So, while this isn’t a Christmas pastime, the kids are going to be talking and bragging about this holiday surprise for weeks.
  11. Pancake Breakfasts
    Whip up your signature pancake mix from home or grab a bag of The Old Mill General Store’s famous pancake mix! Without the usual stresses and distractions of home, gather around the dining room table after making a few flapjack stacks and savor every bite and moment over a hearty breakfast with soft snowfall outside and warm fire crackling in the fireplace. Best of all, with nowhere to be, once everyone has eaten to their heart’s contentment, mosey on over to the living room to watch TV, movies, read, and nap together.
  12. The Christmas Olympics
    This is another activity where a little creativity goes a long way. Many of our cabins have awesome recreational rooms with arcade gaming systems, air hockey, foosball, and other games that you can construct a triathlon of sorts! Play on kid/parent teams or make it a competitive “adults versus kids” game. Either way, the victor gets to pick the evening’s outing in the magical wonderland of Winterfest in Pigeon Forge!